It’s Easy to Apply

If you own a RESTAURANT or COMMERCIAL FOOD EQUIPMENT ENTERPRISE OR are thinking about OPENING ONE, and need to use your cash flow elsewhere, why not consider the RENT TO BUY FOOD EQUIPMENT option.

The Rent to Buy is a 12 month rental agreement which gives you 5 flexible options.

  1. Upgrade your equipment based on your evolving needs.
  2. Purchase the equipment and get a 60% rental rebate.

At the end of the 12 month agreement you can:

  1. Continue renting and the purchase price will continue to drop.
  2. You can return the equipment with no further obligation.
  3. Reduce the rental payments by 30% and own your equipment.

Its Fast, and Easy to apply, Online or over the Phone. Instant approval of up to $5K. Rental payments are 100% Tax Deductible.

Flexible funding options are also available for Franchise Growth. Fully unsecured funding with no upfront costs. Kickstart your franchise operation without undue pressure on your cash flow. Funding solutions are also available to undertake 100% of franchise store build or renovation costs.

For more information contact Ben at 604-679-1388 or Scott at 604-828-9559 at Brothers Food Equipment Depot or email us at