Brothers Food Equipment Depot Inc. has operated a retail food equipment business for the past seven years selling new and used food equipmentthroughout Canada. During that time we have supplied quality new and used food equipment to everyone from mom and pop establishments to restaurant chains to colleges, universities and school board commercial kitchens. We have a well-established dealer network of quality equipment suppliers for both new and used food equipment that we deal with on a daily basis.

As a result, we have developed an expertise in determining the condition and value of food equipment of all kinds. If you have food equipment asset that you would like evaluated, either to purchase or sell or for tax depreciation purposes, call or email us for an up to date appraisal report.

We provide four different types of written appraisals

  • Professional Assessments
    • For companies who wish to have an overview assessment of their equipment rather than a detailed inventory of their assets, we can provide a professional assessment.
    • In these cases the principals of the company will visit the premises and based on their professional experience will review the equipment on hand and provide a rough estimate of the value of the assets.
    • A written assessment will be provided detailing our findings.
  • Desktop Appraisals
    • These appraisals apply to those individuals or businesses looking to get an idea of the relative value of a piece of food equipment that they are looking to purchase or sell.
    • In these cases, multiple digital images of the equipment from all angles along with the make, model and serial number of the units, are provided by the customer.
    • Ideally a video of the equipment in operation would assist in the evaluation process.
    • Knowledge of the age of the equipment, purchase cost and extent of use on a daily basis and maintenance schedules are all useful information that we require to factor into to the valuation of a unit.
  • Onsite Appraisals
    • In cases where it is impractical to provide the information outlined above, we will send a representative to do an onsite appraisal to gather the images, information and documentation we need to evaluate your equipment.
    • Onsite appraisals are often done for Insurance purposes, in the event of a business suffering a loss due to a fire, flood, vandalism or losses due to a natural catastrophe.
    • In this appraisal process, our representatives will go onsite to collect the images and documentation needed to make an informed decision on the condition and value of the equipment.
    • If the environment where the equipment is housed is in any way hazardous, or dangerous, customers must notify us in advance. Additional costs will apply if protective measures are required to complete the equipment assessment.
    • In cases where business owners want to be pro-active, we do Onsite Appraisals to compile an inventory with images of everything in a premises to provide to insurance companies and banks as evidence of what the premises contained at a fixed point of time.
  • Litigation Appraisals
    • Litigation appraisals involve the compilation of detailed reports utilizing the expertise of various individuals and businesses including manufacturers, dealers, and other industry professionals.
    • These are the most intensive appraisals we do and require a longer period of time to prepare due to the extensive investigative resources that go into their preparation.
  • Our appraisals are not based on feelings, guesses or depreciation tables. We work with industry professionals, auctioneers, and other equipment dealers on a daily basis, so our analysis and evaluations of equipment are based on fair market valuein today’s market.

    Our costs for appraisals vary depending on the number of items being appraised and the kind of appraisal that is required. Our appraisal reports are based on comparables and market research, that are defensible and can withstand scrutiny.

    If you require further information or a quote, please contact Brothers Food Equipment Depot by phone at 604-679-1388 or 604-828-9559 or email us at